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About mHQ.

meditationHQ is the perfect mix of education, experiences, and inspiration.

We create seemingly simple yet powerful experiences utilizing life-changing meditation and wellness practices, delivered in practical and accessible ways.

We will provide you with practical life tools and skills that will not only nurture and extend you, but will also create a powerful flow-on effect into the rest of your world.

Mindset & performance

The meditationHQ coaching program is for those that are ready to step into positive change.

It’s for those who align with the concept that a powerful and long-lasting external world shift is only possible through an internal one.

Coaching utilizes various tools, methodologies, approaches and practices to clearly define our values and what we stand for in life.

The outcomes of our coaching is to guide you to develop a deep relationship with self through meditation and mindfulness, to ‘cut through all the noise’ of life to clearly define what matters, to embed daily practices that will nurture and grow you, to strengthen your intuition and to create a roadmap for both now and the future.

Our coaching is for those who seek something more authentic, practical, connected and supported.

Jason Partington

Jason Partington

Founder, Meditation Coach

“I started meditating when I was 28 years old, and it continues to weave some pretty amazing magic in my life to this day. 

As a coach and communicator, you will find me engaging and friendly, but also super direct and straight down the line. I am compassionate, kind, and supportive. I communicate in an everyday common language (not deep spiritual language) that has power and purpose in it.

I am passionate about helping others to manage their lives better with practical tools and skills that have meditation and mindfulness at their core.

I’m a big believer in daily practices that include fitness and health, holistic wellness, nutrition, journaling, gratitude, compassion and giving back to the world. 

I can tell you one thing…. that my life is fundamentally better with meditation in it. I am a more functional, effective, intuitive, compassionate and happier human being.

I know that practicing daily meditation, that it has a flow on effect into the rest of my world. It’s the one activity I do every day, that has a massive effect on how I show up in the world.

Investing time in coaching with me, means that you are ready to step into the commitment of meditation and to experience different practices which will both challenge and grow you.

If you are ready to step into your potential, then I look forward to meeting you.

build mental fitness

Workplace Wellness

We love to work with organizations that understand the profound impact that mindfulness and meditation can have upon it’s employees, teams and leaders.

In a constantly changing business environment where hybrid workspaces are now the ‘norm’, expectations are high for employees and leaders to adapt to change quickly but also perform. Employees that can self-regulate in any moment by using practical tools and practices like mindfulness and meditation are an advantage in any workspace.

Our coaching, workshops and events provide practical but impactful experiences for individuals and teams which can be measured.
We work with workplaces that truly want to make an impact and create powerful change – not just tick boxes.



meditation HQ retreats are simply next-level. Our partnership with Club Med Resorts provides a holistic 5-star wellness experience that you will never forget. 

Club Med has some of the best-located and fully equipped resorts in the World.
Our retreat package include everything! you will enjoy the full club med experience, including the best cuisine, sporting facilities and services plus nightly entertainment.

With the addition of our meditationHQ wellness agenda… you will float back home feeling refreshed, invigorated, and revitalised.

create a ripple effect


registered charity organisation

Welcome to the meditationHQ community.

Join one of our locations for a FREE guided sunrise meditation session, every Saturday at 6.30am.

One of our passionate MHQ community leaders will guide you through a 20-minute meditation in nature. The meditation provided is suitable for everyone, especially first-timers.

We encourage you to enjoy all of our FREE meditations and resources online and to register for our annual event called ‘One Million Meditations’ (OMM.), held in support of LIFELINE –  in May 2024.


One Million Meditations

One Million Meditations is the Gateway to Elevate Your Wellbeing & Raise Funds for Lifeline.

Immerse yourself and those around you in the 20-Day Meditation Challenge, featuring a variety of themed practices designed to enhance mental health at home, at school, in workplaces and in communities. 


one million meditations

An Australia-wide event by meditationHQ, fundraising on behalf of Lifeline Australia.
Starting 1st May 2024, register here.

In the Press



meditationHQ and the meditationHQ Community have been blessed to have such
incredible support from individuals and organizations that powerfully align with our
vision and mission.
Prana Chai
The meditationHQ Community (previously Making Meditation Mainstream and the Sit) has had a celebrated partnership with our friends from Prana Chai. Vincent, Mario and Koray have supported our weekly sunrise sits since 2021 in supplying our 16 locations with prana chai. We are super grateful to them for their ongoing support and especially their support of our annual charity event.
Hamer and Hamer Law
Murray Hamer and his team lead by example and understand the power of meditation in community. Murray who has been through our meditation courses has supported our community initiatives since 2022, and we could not have achieved anything without their financial backing.
A relationship that stems back nearly 20 years with owner and founder, Roslyn Foo. Ros and her team have supported us in every part of our journey and evolution. We literally could not have achieved what we have achieved without their generous support, brand guidance and experience.
Basic Bananas
We are incredibly grateful for the support of Basic Banana Marketing owners Franziska Iseli and Christo Hall who have supported meditationHQ since 2021. Franziska has not only provided marketing support, branding guidance, office space and AV equipment but has also been a sponsor of our weekly community meditations with her charity Ocean Lovers.

Awards & Recognitions

Community Service
Recognised in Federal
Parliament by MP
Liesel Tesch and MP
Jason Falinski in
‘Here To Be’ Global
Partner 2021/2022
Northern Beaches
Council Australia Day
Awards – Community
Event of the Year 2021
Westfield Local Heroes
Finalist 2021

You have a place here

If you seek more out of life, a greater sense of connection with self and others,
increased performance and effectiveness and you genuinely desire to be a
better human being and enjoy life more… then you just found your coach. 

Choose one of the following ways to start your journey with me:

Global Office



Office Hours

Monday to Friday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

6:30 am at one of our community locations

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