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Welcome to the meditationHQ Community 

We know that meditation is a key contributor to a happy life, and connection to community enhances our sense of belonging and purpose, so it is our mission to make meditation mainstream and accessible to all

We provide free Sunrise Meditation Sessions EVERY Saturday, inspired by themes of Gratitude, Sharing, Kindness, Earth Care & Mindfulness. Our passionate volunteers welcome everyone; from those new and curious, to seasoned practitioners alike.

We build connection through kindness, respect, and acceptance, and welcome all ages, all walks of life, all cultures and backgrounds to our community locations.

We give back to our community through our collaborative events which are all about raising mental health and environmental awareness and raising funds through our partnerships.

We welcome you and invite you to have a look around, join a community in your area, experience one of our online meditations and reach out if you need more information.

Welcome to the meditationHQ community. 

We believe that meditation is a key to having a happy life and connection to Community enhances our sense of belonging and purpose. Doing this simple but powerful meditations together, allows us to share in and amplify all the good vibes as a result. 

We welcome everyone at our community initiatives and events, from seasoned meditators to absolute first-timers. 

We respect, acknowledge and accept all. We welcome all ages, all walks of life, all cultures and all backgrounds. 

Our goal is to make meditation mainstream and accessible for all to enjoy.

We believe in the simplicity of being present to our breath and the beauty of our surroundings. We give back to our community and inspire one another through gratitude, sharing, kindness and compassion for our environment

We are authentic, practical and consistent with our meditation sessions across every community location. 

Our Sunrise Saturday  Meditation Sessions will not change. Our presence is constant on the sand and our sequence remains the same. 

We have collaborative events where we are raising funds for mental health awareness and our annual fund raising campaign in 2023 is a partnership with Lifeline Australia.

This year we will launch our mental health  awareness campaign as ‘one million meditations’ (OMM.)


So come and join
us, you will always
be welcome.

Our Why

'Out to In'

Our thoughts are like clouds in the wind, blowing from one thing to then next. We are constantly distracted from being in the present moment. 

As a society, we are spending unprecedented amounts of time front-facing devices, being fed content that captures our attention with the allure of instant gratification and constant entertainment…we are fed images of lives that seem so perfect and easily obtainable, and yet as a society, we have never been more unfulfilled and discontented.

The solution starts by creating changes within ourselves; investment in time, immersing in self-reflection, being comfortable in silence. 

Meditation is a practice that can create clarity, connection and consciousness by coming back to ‘self’. 

Meditation re-awakens your intuition and fills your cup. 

Meditation and mindfulness practices are vehicles to make a positive change in our planet. 

More mediation = more mindfulness = more clarity = contentment and finding that happiness within.

At meditationHQ community, our mission is to make meditation mainstream by encouraging the community to experience and practice meditation as both individuals and as a community. 

We invite you to begin or continue your meditation journey with us, and create a ripple effect that can change the world, one person at a time, one meditation at a time.

'I to We'

When the first steps towards the inner journey through meditation is made,  and when meditation is regularly practised, the powerful benefits of meditation are soon experienced and realised. 

Meditation as a consistent daily practice, organically brings to surface positive emotions of compassion, kindness, gratitude, non-judgment and non-attachment

There is a strong driving force from within that urges us to be in these positive emotional states. Cultivating more positivity now as a community, establishes a paradigm for future generations that can only create powerful positive influence for our World. 

The meditationHQ community encourages people to gather together to practice meditation and in turn, cultivate more of these positive emotional states – which is ultimately about helping each other as a community. 

We invite you to not only commit to your personal inner journey alongside us, but to also be a part of the community that believes in ‘all the good stuff’. 

By the good stuff, we mean;

  • Being a good human being
  • Being considerate and kind to others
  • Take care of Mother Earth
  • Be compassionate and share
  • Be grateful for what you have

We invite you to take a step towards the journey from ‘I to We’.

We invite you to undertake the journey from I to We.

Sunrise Saturdays

FREE community meditations available every Saturday at 6.30am 

Want to know how you can get involved too?

One Million Meditations [OMM] is an event held during Mental Health Month (usually May in Australia). OMM is an invitation to the community to meditate daily, to experience the impact daily meditation can have in life.

The MHQ team provides all the guided online meditations for the event, and we also raise funds for our charity partner, Lifeline.

We invite the community to commit to a meditation practice during Mental Health Month, and encourage the participants to gain personal experience of how daily meditation can influence our overall health and our mental wellness.

The OMM MEGA gathering will be hosted at the iconic beaches Manly Beach, Bondi Beach and Newcastle in NSW, plus LIVE streaming on Facebook & Instagram.


Global Office



Office Hours

Monday to Friday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

6:30 am at one of our community locations

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