The meditationHQ Core: Out to In, I to We


At meditationHQ, we hold certain core values close to our hearts, and today, we want to share one of these foundational principles with our community. It’s all about embracing the journey from out to in and I to we. Let me explain the meaning behind these concepts and discover how they form the essence of our belief system at meditationHQ.

Out to In: The Journey Within

The first step of this transformative journey is Out to In. It is where we begin the process by focusing on our personal growth and inner exploration. We encourage our community members to turn their attention inwards, to listen to their inner voice, and to create a sense of stillness within themselves. Even a small shift of one or two per cent can make a difference. By nurturing your internal world, practising mindfulness, and expressing gratitude, you can become more self-aware and find your true compass within.

Ask yourself: Are you seeking your reference point from within or from external sources? Connecting with your inner world and understanding your emotions and thoughts can lead to a profound shift in your perspective and approach to life.

I to We: The Power of Community

Once you have embarked on the journey of self-discovery and personal growth, the natural progression is from I to We. As your inner world expands, you’ll begin to see the importance of community and connections with others. Being part of meditationHQ is being part of a caring and compassionate community that supports each other’s growth.

Shifting from “me” to “we” entails looking beyond ourselves and considering how we can contribute positively to the lives of others. Expressing kindness, compassion, and gratitude towards fellow community members and the world at large can create a positive ripple effect. Each one of us has the power to be a powerhouse of change within our community.

At meditationHQ, our core values of out to in and I to we underscore the essence of our belief system. It all begins with a journey of self-discovery and inner exploration. By nurturing our internal world, we find the power to transform our lives and connect with our true selves. As we grow and evolve, we naturally extend our care and compassion to the community, becoming part of a powerful force for positive change.

So, let’s embrace this transformative journey together. Start by turning inward and nurturing your inner world. Then, let’s connect and create a community that supports and uplifts each other. Together, we can make a difference, one mindful step at a time.

Until next time,

Jason Partington,
Founder of MeditationHQ